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Dual Containment

HDPE Pro Fittings manufactures light weight, corrosion and abrasion resistant HDPE dual containment pipes and fittings. Dual containment piping is designed for leak protection applications. The dual pipe consist of an interior pipe known as the carrier pipe and an exterior pipe known as the containment pipe.

The pipe is extrusion welded in place with centralizers to ensure the carrier pipe remains level throughout the containment pipe. Dual containment fittings are used in conjunction with the dual containment pipe. These fittings include but are not limited to elbows, tees, laterals, end terminations and reducers.

This piping method is used extensively in chemical plants, power generation, mining, landfill and other areas where contamination would occur if there was a failure of the carrier pipe.

All dual containment pipe is manufactured per ASTM D3350. 

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